When I say Rocketman, some of you will start singing an Elton John song. Others will quote lines from the 1997 movie starring Harland Williams. But that’s only before the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. Afterward, you’ll all be dreaming of the newest Mini.

For the last year or so I've found myself really loving Dodge commercials. First there was the Man's Last Stand Charger spot, voiced-over by a frank, humorous everyman named Michael C Hall. Then there was a similar spot for the Challenger- “Hey, that was a freakin' UFO.” Hall took a break to let George Washington and the Continental Army take a bunch of Chargers against the British Redcoats. Now the Charger has a new Michael C Hall commercial:

I don’t think I would mind much if more things in my life looked like an Aston Martin. My mailbox, my computer mouse, my bar of Irish Spring… But looking like Aston Martin has been a bit of a problem lately for Jaguar. In fact, the guy who designed the current XKR used to work for Aston Martin, which explains why it looks a bit like a milkman’s child.



30 hours of CAD work, 50 hours of programming and 30 hours of machining transforms a 386 pound SOLID block of aluminum to a 64 pound 427 FE engine block. :drool: Can anyone buy one of these for me? thnx.